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Our Services

Automotive maintenance and repair is a complex business. While there are hundreds of servicing and repairs your car may require, the most common services we provide are:

Factory service maintenance

This is also known as your 5k, 15k, 30k or 90k service. Because we follow and conform to the exact testing and maintenance as required by the manufacturer, Lexus or Toyota cannot void your warranty if you follow the proper maintenance schedule. We use full synthetic oil on all our vehicle repairs.

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Brake repairs 

We use OEM genuine brake pads which assure the highest standard of safety. As repair specialists, we know some components do not have satisfactory standards and may need to be replaced sooner than expected. We generally do not recommend substitute products if at all possible that will cost you in the long run.

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air conditioning repair services

As automatic climate control systems become the standard in every Lexus and higher-end Toyota, these systems tend to be more difficult to service than conventional A/C systems. Our knowledge and experience on newer A/C systems ensure the repairs will be done correctly and properly the first time. We have the latest in environmentally-friendly equipment and make a conscious effort to help protect the environment.

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preowned vehicle inspection

If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, having it inspected by a Certified Technician prior to your purchase can save you additional dollars. We will inspect the automobile and assure you the engine is in proper working order. The cost of the inspection could be a fraction compared to the risk of an unexpected repair bill which can be more than the price of the used car itself. 

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engine diagnostics 

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Types Of Belts & Hoses We Provide

Serpentine Belt

Powers your alternator, climate control and power steering with energy from the crankshaft.

Timing Belt

Helps turn the camshaft of your engine, coordinating the rhythm of your engine valves and pistons. Also known as a gilmer belt or camshaft belt.

Other Automotive Belts

Alternator belt, fan belt, power steering belt, A/C belt and more. These belts work with your serpentine belt to drive their respective parts.

Radiator Hose

Carry coolant (a mixture of water and antifreeze) between the engine and the radiator. Radiator hoses are made of strong rubber to withstand the dramatic temperature changes as the coolant absorbs heat from the engine and is cooled by the radiator.

Air Intake Hose

Carry oxygen to your engine to ensure the correct air/fuel mixture for combustion.